Tool Kits

Evacuation Kits

Lead partners will assist families in building individual evacuation kits specific to the needs of each family member. These kits will be easy to grab and go with everything a person would need for a minimum of 72 hours.


  • Water
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Medication
  • Safety gear
  • Shoes
  • Games/toys
  • Important documents
  • Charging cords

Displacement Tool Kits

Toolkits designed to provide activities for children who are displaced for up to three weeks will help organizations provide a certain level of trauma-informed support. These kits are organized based on age ranges and include a variety of activities. Kits come with a set of instructions to help guide caregivers understand how to facilitate the activities. Toolkits can be customized and combined to meet specific group needs and will address a variety of developmental levels.


  • 0-3yr
  • 4-6yrs
  • 7-10yrs 11-13yrs
  • 14-16yrs
  • 17-20yrs

    Educational programs

    • Toys
    • Games
    • Journals (written and electronic)
    • Busy body activities
    • Busy mind activities
    • Individual and group programming

    Purchase Information

    To purchase our Emergency Tool Kits or speak to us about custom-designed kits, please use our Contact Form to submit your inquiry.